What are the professional tips to do best sex over the phone?

What are the professional tips to do best sex over the phone?

You may know that long distance relationships are difficult, but if your partner has to spend a lot of time away from home it is important not to lose intimacy. These tips can help you keep the flame on. An important part of distance privacy is to give your partner images that they can use. Men are particularly visual, so talk to them from a place where you can describe your desire like your bedroom. It is easier to enter the mood if you have the correct mentality.

Lower your voice

Consider that phone sex is a prank and lower your voice according to the occasion. Even if you are alone at home your sexy tone will help to thrill your partner. At first it can be uncomfortable, so instead of going straight to the sexy, tell them how much you miss them and why. Confess that you like to sleep with them and what you would like them to do to you if they were around.

Do not force it

Do not go crazy thinking about sexy things to say. For it to work well it is important that you be as natural as possible. If you feel sorry, do not say it. Phrases like, what do they think you are doing now? Combined with the sounds you normally make in bed is enough. Sex over the phone depends on the mood, idea and atmosphere.

What are the professional tips to do best sex over the phone?


It helps them to get to know each other better

Through the telephone, it is easier for couples to become disinhibited, because they do not see each other’s faces. The relationship runs less risk of stagnation. One of the problems of long-term couples is that they may fall into boredom. Testing new sexual activities favors the proper development of the relationship. If you do not live together or are even in different cities, it’s a great way to keep passion in the relationship.

Conclusion: Video

It is not recommend that you take nude photos or send videos to your partner, not because of distrust but because you do not know in which hands they can finish. However, if you are going to risk using Skype or Face time to show your body to your partner. Another option that they can use to motivate themselves is to see pornography together with this it means to see the same video at the same time.