The Love Upright Option with Your Choice Now for you with Escorts

The Love Upright Option with Your Choice Now for you with Escorts

If one often considers the erotic tilt as an activity with essentially horizontal pleasures on soft mattress-like support, the Kama-Sutra explores the acrobatic possibilities of the nested bodies well beyond the cheerful missionary and the joyful greyhound and every lambda individual equipped with a congener can draw ecstasy in other bodily attitudes.

Beginning with the vertical arrangement of the two lovers entwined and that we call more commonly, “love upright”.

In addition to the possibility of discovering other forms of pleasure so as to spice up hugs of couples, standing sexual positions are excellent ways to adapt the furniture that surrounds his desires for stupidity or speed of execution. Frolics, the standing position being the one we naturally use every day! With the Atlanta escorts the details come perfect now.

The necklace of Venus

This is a position where 50% of the participants are standing, Sir being the one who sticks to it while Madam, sitting on a hard and raised support, takes advantage of the vertical passion of her man by placing her legs on the shoulders of Monsieur.

Context: At home, this position will allow you to diversify the pleasures by helping you with a bar, a table, a sink. For lovers of love in the office, you can make the meeting room less austere and for the fans of the car, the hood will fulfill its role perfectly.

The Love Upright Option with Your Choice Now for you with Escorts

Advantages: Ideal position for “quickies” since accessible with a fly and raised skirt, it also has the advantage of offering the lady a deep penetration and is comfortable enough for Mister.

The plough

The girl lies on the edge of a bed not too low and Sir remains standing, knees slightly bent to adjust the height and thus take care of The girl who wraps her legs around the back of her lover.

Ideal in a room when the total horizontality gets you tired, but also very successful in the middle of a living room by using an armchair or a sofa!

The Hanging Union

Monsieur is standing and holding the girl by placing her hands under her buttocks and The girl places her arms around Monsieur’s shoulders and her legs around hers too. Since no furniture is necessary, everything is possible! To complete the aesthetics of this position, the middle of the field in summer will be ideal but reserved for lovers of exhibitionism.