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Perfect Sexual Journey for Your Perfect Nights

Of course, it is very difficult to summarize the results of such surveys; after all, we are all very different. However, some curious patterns can be identified.

The results of 50 male volunteers revealed some preferences in sex, which, we dare to assume, will be true for most men.

So perfect sex is … some alcohol

Although sexologists say that strong drinks not only excite, but also suppress sexual attraction, we know that it didn’t bother anyone to drink a little before that. Alcohol is better than any psychotherapist frees from worries, various taboos, complexes, prejudices, and, as a result, from clothes.

Sexy underwear

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Everything is clear here: the laundry emphasizes the most seductive parts of the body and men cannot wait to taste such an exciting dish. Many behave like true gourmets and true aesthetes, preferring to free the girl from the captivity of silk and lace. Another thing is that this process in their performance is a very risky event, often with an unpredictable result, and only those with strong nerves can calmly transfer it. But it’s worth it!

An interesting and exciting prelude

It is considered that the majority of men act according to the principle: came, saw, won. And only for the sake of their beloved women they are interested in what erogenous zones are, how they work, and some even try to find them. At the same time, men do not recognize any particularly sensitive places (except one). Sexologists believe that this limitation of the strong half of humanity is related to the fact that they “work” for the result and are not always able to enjoy the moments that precede the process. And in vain, because men have erogenous zones no less than women. It’s just that not everybody turns his tongue to say: “Honey, tickle my tongue behind the left ear!” With the use of the cam girl free the options are perfect now.

Just add water

Many men believe that perfect sex should definitely begin in the bathroom. And only four respondents said, it should end there, which is not surprising, given the size of the average bath. Prelude in the bathroom, according to men, the action is very erotic and exciting. It is difficult to disagree with this: gentle streams of water, abundant foam and a loved one who skillfully and competently manage the surrounding plumbing can make the upcoming sex a memorable one.

According to statistics, most couples actively use only three positions – a classic missionary, a woman on top and a man behind. And this is normal: after an 8-hour workday, the way home, washing and cooking, any sex can be automatically considered a feat. But men – people are curious and sometimes, having come across a book like “Kama Sutra” or having heard stories (surely truthful) in men’s companies, they rush to their girlfriends with their rationalization proposals.