Know your own body: Feel the best comfort with lesbian escorts

Knowing your own vagina is important before treating the vaginas of others, you have to first investigate yours and know it very well, because not all are equal, all women are unique in their appearance with their own tastes, smells and sensations. Yes it is true that the anatomy is the same, but it is important that before you start, you know yourself by taking a mirror to see all the areas of the site. You can find out all the parts of it and know what they are for.


Communication is a key aspect to enjoy lesbian sex. Talk with Naturalness of the subject will help you face your first sexual experience with London lesbian escort. When it comes to oral sex there are many ways to enjoy with a woman and one of them is precisely oral sex, it is very important to know that all women like to be kissed by lamas, and that you fuck them In a unique way, take your time with them to explore and especially enjoy sex together.


What you do?

At the time of the sexual act take it in a fun way. Enjoy each kiss caress, oral sex. It is also a good idea to enjoy together with erotic toys such as dildos, vibrators, female masturbators, sexual harnesses or strap on. First start slowly with your wife and make sure it is well lubricated before penetrating, but if you do not lubricate you can use any intimate water-based lubricant to massage your pussy or moisten it with saliva practicing oral sex.

In lesbian sex there are several ways to fuck – you can use your fingers, a sex toy or rubbing their pussy with yours, a practice known as scissors, oral sex or use a dildo in the form of a cock as you can see the list can become endless. The possibilities of practicing lesbian sex are literally endless and there is much to explore, you have to know that the vast majority of lesbians do not enjoy penetration only enjoy through vaginal stimulation or nipples, each woman has their own erogenous zones.


In lesbian couples there is also the passive person and the active person, before starting it is good to agree on the roles of each one, because there are people who enjoy giving more and others receiving. The woman who takes the role of active is more generous and more accommodating to the partner.