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Best options With the Lesbian Escorts Now

Trying out new things is an important part of good sex. Are you looking for new inspiration for your sexy time with your girlfriend or free-range? Throw these hot positions in the mix. Fireworks guaranteed, or are you a straight woman and just curious about how it works with two women in bed? Look further.

Stands for lesbians

Intimate and a good variation

Sit on the lap of the lesbian escort Londonwith your back to her. She has plenty of room to stimulate your clit with her fingers or with a vibrator, your neck your pillow and your breasts also get the necessary attention.

Lazy 69

You are probably familiar with soixante-neuf, but that clambering about each other cannot be sustained for long. Do you have a little less energy, but still want to spoil each other? Then the lazy 69 is the solution. It is almost the same, but while lying on your side. Easy here please.

Scissor sisters

Scissors that should of course not be missing in this list. It requires some practice and skills, but scissoring is the position for gay pleasure. If you are agile it is scissoring and you can cum at the same time.

Standing ovation

Standing cumshaw brings very different sensations with it. This position requires a good balance. Kneel before the other. She raises one of her legs so that you can spoil her orally. Depending on how tall she is, you have to sit a bit on your knees. Or do as the example and pull the hottest heels out of the closet.


Sit opposite each other with faces facing each other. You both spread your legs. So you can get started with handwork, vibros and possibly a double toy: for this you both move your hips forward and back.

Doggie style

Do you enjoy sex toys including strap-on? Use handcuffs to make this position make you extra kinky.

Not so missionary

You can use a strap-on during many sex positions and also during missionary. With each thrust your breasts touch each other. Surrender yourself completely to her by binding yourself.

The rocket

You sit down with your buttocks on her face. She has a great view and hands free to give you a nice breast massage. You could possibly lean back a bit and rub her clit.